Completing The Business Picture

Business Management Consultants, High- Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,

Business Credentials

Terry has developed his skills within highly competitive sales and marketing roles over the past thirty years, before branching into business consultancy.

As a senior manger he has provided successful project and change management within multi-national companies, charitable groups, and Police / Security organisations. 

Although specialising in sales and marketing he has developed a wealth of knowledge in business planning and strategy as a result of developing market winning projects. 

Terry Caws  BA(Hons), M.C.M.I


How can Codytree can help!

It is was once said by Albert Einstein:,

“A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

When managers are being truly authentic about where their companies are when compared to their competitors, experience has shown that Albert's words ring true so often.

We know that you will understand your business, but we can provide that out-side looking-in dimension that can often be the catalyst for new idea generation.