Business Strategy

Codytree will discuss and evaluate the strengths that give your company an edge over its competitors and constitutes its core competences, which can be sustained in the long term.

If there is a threat from external factors that could erode them, can they be enhanced (e.g., through technology or training) or protected from imitation (e.g., by patenting of innovation?). If erosion is inevitable then a new strategy maybe required

Following an audit by Codytree the critical success factors can be identified in order to achieve the strategy (e.g.:Establish if the current use of resources such as manpower, capital are best utilised).

This will establish if the current infrastructure can achieve the goals in its current form or wether further investment required.

Part of this process involves establishing what particular products and services have worked well in the past, and identify areas of the business that now represent a burden in both resource and capital.

In addition, Is your customer acquisition and retention best maximised and is the organisation relevant to new markets in its current form or is radical change required?.