Change Mangement

We understand that change can be needed within organizations for a myriad of reasons, such as market growth or alignment, structural efficiency, merger, investor, acquisition or downsize.

Working with you we will formulate the strategy and programme required that helps create a positive atmosphere to the change that uses:

  • Education & Persuasion
  • Participation & Involvement
  • Facilitation & Support
  • Negotiation & Agreement

It is natural for some individuals to fear change and be opposed to moving outside of their comfort zone. From employees hearing ‘snippets’ through the ‘grapevine’ and believing that being unhelpful will result in the initiative failing, through to middle-managers feeling that their position and value is being eroded, all can result in resistance to change.

In order to achieve both managers and employees to buy-in to change, experience has shown that involvement of impacted stakeholders at an early stage in the process increases support from all parties. We are exponents of the principle: ‘the right communication, to the right stakeholder, at the right time’ by the use of effective communication which is consistent, authentic and targeted at the specific recipient.

We understand that planning is a vital component of the change management process. Having detailed the methodology to be employed, we would adopt a systematic approach to the change with due anticipation of these specific resistance factors.