Marketing & Web-Building

Traditional Marketing Techniques

Although traditional marketing theory and practice remains the corner stone of business, modern day trading demands that extra ‘something’ that provides that competitive edge. You will know your business but it may be lacking that extra ingredient that we may be able to provide.

Internet Marketing

SEO (search engine optimisation) – helping you to organise your site in order to maximise organic (free) search results on the brands/products/ranges you want to sell, so called ‘long tail’.

The maximization of free search results by advising on the structure and populating your site in the best way possible with recurrent words/phrases/ sentence structures that produce a content rich and long product tail.

Pay-per-click -Paid advertising on well-known search engine platforms can be a science in itself.

Although we appreciate that the process involves simply paying for visibility, the on-going daily auction for each word, especially with low margin products with high competition for keywords can make the economics very challenging.

Affiliate programs –We understand that great web technology on its own is not enough. It is now taken for granted by the modern consumer that a totally reliable fulfilment such as ‘hassle- free’ returns and customer support are a requirement for entry.

Targeted affiliate programs - Can make a significant difference to the business offering by identifying other websites where your particular customers demographic regularly visit. A commission is then paid to those sites when that particular customer is directed to your own link.

Accepting that in a full multi-channel business there are some things you cannot measure, however if the majority of the business is on the web, there is almost nothing you cannot measure and therefore act upon.