Professional Services offered by Codytree Consulting


It is naturally the case that the training and development of its staff within any organisation remains a critical success factor.

Codytree will discuss and evaluate the strengths that give your company an edge over its competitors and constitutes its core competences, which can be sustained in the long term.

With a robust business plan it serves to clarify the direction and business purpose which can be effectively communicated to all stakeholders.

We understand that change can be needed within organizations for a myriad of reasons, such as market growth or alignment, structural efficiency, merger, investor, acquisition or downsize.

You may have identified a project that if implemented could bring tangible benefits to your company but due to day-to-day restraints you are unable to commit time or resource.

Although traditional marketing theory and practice remains the corner stone of business, modern day trading demands that extra ‘something’ that provides that competitive edge.

Recent market surveys continue to suggest that many companies, although with sustainable growing businesses, have not invested in (CRM) software. Instead they continue to use more traditional word-of-mouth or face-to-face contact by direct sales.